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Pet Travel Form

Information required from new clients requesting an Animal Health Certificate

We require Clinical History from the previous practice.

Please ensure your pet is registered on our practice database with full details of your name, address, the pet’s details, including breed, colour, age and sex.

UK issued pet passports are no longer valid for travel from the UK to the EU. An Animal Health Certificate (AHC) is required. These are valid for 10 days from the day of issue, are single use and can be used for 4 months of onward travel in the EU.

The AHC is valid for non commercial travel only. This means that the pet must travel within 5 days of the owner/ the person who has written authorisation from the owner and there must be no change of ownership.

Any commercial movement requires an alternative certificate, an Export Health Certificate, and you should contact the practice for more details

Information required in consultation

  • Pet will be scanned for microchip.
  • Evidence of travel arrangements: Travel documents are required providing proof of pet travelling within 5 days of owner/person with authorisation from owner.
  • Pet will be examined to determine if fit to travel
  • Old GB pet passport (if relevant) for photocopying rabies vaccinations
  • Owner is required to sign declaration that the movement is non-commercial
  • Written authorisation from owner (if relevant)

This form must be completed and submitted to the practice at least 7 days before your AHC appointment.

Please note, the owner is defined as the person to whom the microchip details are registered so please make sure the microchip registration details are up to date. The pet may travel with a person other than the owner as long as they have written authorisation. If this applies to you please make sure you have authorisation in place and bring it to your appointment.
Does the pet have a current valid rabies vaccination?:

More than 21 days must have elapsed since the vaccine if it’s a primary vaccine. Proof is required if vaccine is not in the clinical history from the previous practice. i.e. an old GB/EU pet passport
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