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Laparoscopic Surgery

Fields Vets are now offering keyhole bitch spays!

When performing a bitch spay using this method, three very small wounds are created through the skin and muscle into the abdominal cavity, allowing the insertion of a camera and specialist instruments. The surgery is performed inside the body while viewing the internal organs on a screen. This method gives maximum precision and minimal invasion and trauma. In contrast to conventional surgery, only the ovaries are removed, which shortens surgical time and reduces the risks involved.

What are the benefits of Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery?

  • The technique is associated with fewer surgical complications as the surgeon has better visibility of the internal organs.
  • Reduced post-operative pain which leads to quicker recovery times. 70% of patients are more active in the first 3 days after surgery.
  • The procedure is performed by experienced surgeons that have been specially trained to carry out this surgery. At Fields this type of surgery is carried out by our senior surgeon, Carmen Arroyo, who is nearing the completion of her surgery certificate.

Which types of surgery can be done via keyhole?

  • The most common procedure performed is bitch spays.
  • Biopsies can be taken of the kidney, liver, pancreas and intestines.
  • Retained testicle removal - The keyhole procedure has huge benefits over traditional surgery, which frequently requires larger painful wounds.
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